Do you spend most of your time around glaring surfaces such as water, snow, or glass? Spending time in a high glare environment can be damaging to your eyes. Fortunately, polarized glasses can provide protection for your eyes. These are specialized sunglasses that are designed to reduce glare from surfaces such as snow, glass, and especially water. If you live in or around Coppell or Lewisville, visit our team at Wilken Family Eye Care to browse our selection of polarized glasses.

The Benefits of Polarized Glasses

There are several advantages associated with wearing polarized lenses. These include:

  • Reduced strain on your eyes
  • You get clear vision even in bright environments
  • They increase the contrast which results in minimal color distortion
  • They reduce reflection and glares

However, you cannot use polarized lenses for reading as the polarized coating darkens the lenses.

How Do Polarized Glasses Work?

Vision relies on light being reflected on an object, after which it scatters and enters your eyes. If an object is uneven or not flat, the image is easy to see. However, if the light is reflected from a smooth, flat, highly reflective surface such as snow, water, or glass, your eyes perceive the light on these objects as brighter than usual. This happens because the light enters into your eyes before scattering.

When you are wearing polarized lenses, the lens acts as a filter of the light that directly reflects and enters your eye. This filter is vertical while the glare is usually horizontal. Thus, the filter blocks horizontal light and allows only vertical light to pass through, eliminating glare from the surface.

Finding the Right Polarized Glasses

The first step to getting the best glasses is finding a great eye doctor. Our eye doctors can help you find the right pair of glasses that have polarized lenses. We can answer any questions that you may have and help you find a set of frames that work well for you.

Visit Wilken Family Eye Care for Quality Polarized Glasses

Having a pair of polarized glasses helps a lot if you spend a good amount of time outdoors. They can provide clear vision in a bright environment and prevent unwanted glare from penetrating your eyes. If you are considering polarized glasses and live in Coppell or Lewisville, call our eye doctors at Wilken Family Eye Care today at (972) 459-3300 to schedule an appointment.