We’d like to welcome our patients to our online ordering system.If you are one of our patients, you are welcome to re-order your contacts through this online web store. The contacts will be packaged and shipped directly to the address you enter. Click the picture below or type yourlens.com/wilkeneye  into your web browser.

The contact lenses do not come from our office, but from a third party contact lens distributor. All secure payments and transactions are performed through their website. Yourlens.com will have a customer service department ready to answer questions or address any problems with your orders. We hope this option will make it more convenient and cost effective for you to re-order your contacts without having to call our office and/or pick them up from our office. All orders will require verification of expiration date and accuracy of the prescription by our office. Prices may vary slightly from what we charge in our office and we cannot file your insurance for orders placed through our online web store. You will have to continue to call our office to place orders when using your vision insurance. The prices you see online are tiered for savings when purchasing a year supply.

If an order is declined, please call our office during business hours and we can try to figure out why. If you have approved us for text/email communication with you, you may be contacted by one of our staff members by one of those means. Otherwise you may receive a phone call if there is a reason that your order was declined. Thank you for loyalty as one of our patients.