As part of your regular eye exam, the retina needs to be examined. This allows us to spot any signs of disease before it develops into a severe condition. In the past, doctors dilated patients’ eyes to see the retina. However, this took time as patients had to wait for the dilation drops to wear off before seeing normally. We can now perform this procedure more efficiently with the use of optomap. If you are searching for an ‘eye doctor near me,’ our team at Wilken Family Eye Care in Coppell is here to help. Our office offers optomap to patients in Coppell and Lewisville, TX.

The Optomap Exam
Retinal tissue is delicate, which makes it vulnerable to disease. If untreated, some of these diseases can lead to diminishing vision or blindness. If they are identified during the early stages, treatment is possible. Using optomap, we create a digital image of your retina.

This type of screening is fast. The result is a highly detailed image of the eye, all without dilating the eyes. The image is immediately available to our doctors and helps us understand your eyes’ condition and health. We can use it to look for any abnormalities that might mean potential disease. One of the most significant benefits is that this information is included in your medical files. This helps our doctors track your eye health over time.

During the Scan
There is no need to worry about this eye test. The machine will shine red and green lasers into the eye while taking ultra-high-resolution images. These images help our doctors determine eye health and diagnose any potential issues. The images are then stored as part of your health record for review. Having the images available for future comparisons is also helpful to our eye doctors.

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At Wilken Family Eye Care, our optometrists include optomap testing in routine eye exams. The quality of information it produces allows us to thoroughly examine the eye’s interior without dilating them. With this information, we can identify issues early so they can be treated. Early treatment can mean preventing vision impairment. This diagnostic tool has proven to be more convenient and comfortable for patients. There are many diseases and health conditions that can impact your eyes. High blood pressure and diabetes can cause eye issues. Glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration are other diseases that can affect the eyes. If you are looking for an ‘eye exam near me,’ our team at Wilken Family Eye Care is here for you. Call us for an appointment today!