All About Glaucoma

Your eyes can suffer from a wide range of issues that you may not even be aware of. Regular eye examinations are essential to maintaining overall eye health. For those that are in the Coppell and Lewisville, TX, area Wilken Family Eye Care can help make sure your eyes are in the best health possible.

What is Glaucoma?

Many different eye issues can cause pain and discomfort. Glaucoma is one such eye disease that can cause a great deal of trouble. Glaucoma is a result of the internal pressure of the eye against the optic nerve. This pressure damages the optic nerve and can eventually lead to blindness. This damage is progressive and gets worse over time. Glaucoma is far more common in older people and is one of the highest causes of blindness in people over sixty.

What is a Glaucoma Exam?

A glaucoma exam consists of checking the pressure of the eye, the condition of the eye, and the condition of the optic nerve. By recognizing glaucoma early, we can make sure you get the appropriate care and treatment. Wilken Family Eye Care can help you find out if you have glaucoma and will then refer you to the appropriate specialist for care and treatment.

What is Glaucoma Treatment?

While we do not provide glaucoma treatment at Wilken Family Eye Care, we can point you in the right direction for proper treatment and care. The most common treatment for glaucoma is a procedure to relieve the pressure on the optic nerve. Damage caused by glaucoma is not reversible, but proper care can minimize the damage.

Convenient Glaucoma Testing

With the help of a good eye doctor, you can catch glaucoma early. Glaucoma is a serious condition and needs to be addressed with the utmost care. For those in the Coppell and Lewisville TX area, a quick search of “eye doctor near me” or “eye exam near me” can point you in the right direction. At Wilken Family Eye Care, we offer top-notch eye care to Coppell, TX, and the surrounding area. Call us at (972)-459-3300 or request an appointment online today.